Campaign Resources

The Best Start Resource Centre designed many new resources about alcohol and pregnancy, specifically for the May 2004 provincial campaign. Some of the Resources are available in print, while others electronically only. Below you will find resources designed for:

General Public
Mass Media
Health Care Providers
Licensed Establishments

To open most files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. To ensure that files are easy to access, most documents on this webpage are low resolution, suitable for viewing only. For high resolution files suitable for printing, please contact Best Start. If you are interested in ordering print materials or using or adapting the electronic files for campaign resources see Using Campaign Resources.


Resources for General Public

Brochure - 3 panel, 2 fold (PDF 853 Kb)
Note: A sticker or stamp can be used to add local contact information. This information must be placed in the blank area on the back panel of the brochure.


Poster - 13x17 inches (PDF 614 Kb)
Note: A sticker or stamp can be used to add local contact information to the poster. This information must not cover existing text and should not be placed in the orange area at the bottom of the poster.


Stickers (PDF 630 Kb)
Note: This electronic file can be used to print stickers using standard sheets of labels.


Buttons (PDF 537 Kb)
Note: This electronic file can be used to print round campaign images measuring 2.25 inches across, suitable for use with standard button makers.


Q & A Posters
Note: This electronic file shows a series of flip up posters about alcohol and pregnancy. The posters are designed with flaps to cover the responses to the questions.


Campaign Images (PDF 496 Kb)
Note: This electronic file has a selection of black and white campaign images in various formats that can be used to print napkins, coasters, bookmarks, balloons, pens, pencils etc.

Resources for Mass Media

Mall Signs - 48x72 inches and 42.5x58.5 inches
(PDF 550 Kb)


Bus and Subway Ads 35x11 inches (PDF 468 Kb)


Theatre Ads (PDF 70 Kb)

Camera Ready Ads (PDF 626 Kb)
Note: Local contact information can be added to these ads. This information must be placed in the white area of the ads.

Radio Public Service Announcement (PDF 25Kb)
Note: This file provides the text for 3 different radio PSAs.

Media Kits
Materials that were included in the campaign media kits:

Media Release (PDF 87Kb)
Backgrounder (PDF 66Kb)
Feature Stories (PDF 52Kb)
Alcohol and Pregnancy Fact Sheet (PDF 41Kb)
Alcohol and Pregnancy FAQs (PDF 37Kb)

Resources for Health Care Providers

Letter to Health Care Providers (PDF 18 Kb)
Note: This is an introductory letter that can be used to accompany information mailed to local health care providers.

Tear Off Sheets - 4x4 inch pads of 50 pages each, printed both sides (PDF 508 Kb)
Note: Tear off sheets are intended for health care providers to distribute to patients.




Bookmark - 2.5x7.5 inches (PDF 621 Kb)
Note: These bookmarks are intended for use by health care providers. They include the T-ACE screening tool and other health care provider information.



Pregnancy & Alcohol/Drug Use: A Professional's Guide to Identification and Care of Mother and Infant (PDF 770 Kb)
Note: This brochure was developed as a joint project by The Infant Mental Health Promotion Project, Metro Toronto Addiction Treatment Services Committee and The Hospital for Sick Children.

Resources for Licensed Establishments

Letter to Licensed Establishments (PDF 27 Kb)
Note: This letter can be used to inform local restaurants, bars etc about the campaign and how they can participate.

Static Clings for Licensed Establishments - Bilingual (PDF 35 Kb)
Note: These static clings are for use in establishments that serve or sell alcohol such as restaurants and bars. They stick to various surfaces including metal and glass and can be placed at point of purchase, on the front doors, on washroom mirrors or stalls.


Camera Ready Thank You Ad (PDF 398 Kb)
Note: This ad can be used to thank participating establishments. Insert the names of local restaurants or bars who helped to promote the campaign messages. Don't forget to add your contact information. All added information must appear in the white area of the ad.


Table Toppers (PDF 101 Kb)
These table toppers are 3 sided resources, with each panel measuring 5x7 inches. They can be used in licensed restaurants or as part of a launch or celebration event. This electronic file is being provided so local groups can print their own table toppers.







Using Campaign Resources
Order Resources
See the Planning Tips section for key resources



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