Planning tips

There are many ways to raise awareness about the risks of alcohol use in pregnancy. You could do something as simple as putting up posters or as complex as planning a complete local communication campaign. Every initiative makes a difference. Consider setting up a display, planning a presentation or video night, providing information to the media, or working with local health care providers, restaurants or bars. To make it easy for you, Best Start is providing print and electronic resources, as well as information and advice.

If you are planning a local awareness campaign about alcohol and pregnancy, the following links will connect you with information, tips and ideas that will help you consider a range of possible activities and approaches.

These resources were designed to assist people in planning local activities for the May 2004 campaign, and will also help in planning for other campaigns:

Tips for Working with the Media (PDF 42 Kb)
Tips for Working with Licensed Establishments (PDF 41 Kb)
Launch Event Planning Guide (PDF 91 Kb)
Idea List for Local Activities (PDF 40 Kb)
Campaign Planning Sheet (PDF 39 Kb)

To view the May 2004 campaign resources, go to Campaign Resources. If you are interested in Using Campaign Resources, some are available in print, others are available in on-line formats.

If you need assistance in involving your community or considering overall campaign strategies, see:

Keys to a Successful Alcohol & Pregnancy Communication Campaign
Health Communications Resources
Training Local Physicians on Alcohol Use and Pregnancy





As of Feb 1 2005, Sandy's Law requires licensed establisements to display - Warning Signs about Alcohol & Pregnancy
Evaluation Results of the May 2004 Campaign
Survey shows high levels of awareness about the risks of alcohol use in pregnancy
See the Planning Tips section for key resources



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