The May 2004 provincial alcohol and pregnancy campaign focussed on 4 main areas:

Provincial Mass Media Strategies
Provincial Health Care Provider Communications
Provincial Licensed Establishment Strategy
Supporting Local Activities

Provincial Mass Media Strategies

Best Start arranged for media coverage across the province of Ontario through a variety of methods. Mall, bus and subway ads appeared in many Ontario communities. Radio PSAs were sent to Ontario radio stations. Media packages were distributed to daily newspapers, television and magazine contacts across Ontario. The campaign image was projected on 339 movie theatre screens in 37 communities across the province of Ontario. The News Canada media service distributed TV and radio news clips, and camera ready newspaper articles to news outlets across Ontario.

Provincial Health Care Communications

As part of the May 2004 alcohol and pregnancy campaign, Best Start sent information to all Ontario family physicians and midwives. Each health care provider received a range of patient resources including tear off sheets, brochures and posters about alcohol and pregnancy. Health care providers also received information about screening, care and supports for pregnant women who use substances.

Provincial Licensed Establishment Strategies

Best Start developed materials to help local contacts work with establishments licensed to serve or sell alcohol, such as restaurants and bars. These materials included tip sheets, table toppers and static clings. Best Start arranged for campaign brochures to be available in LCBO stores across Ontario.

Supporting Local Activities

Almost 200 local groups from across Ontario were involved in the campaign. Best Start provided posters, brochures, static clings and tear off sheets to interested health organisations and FASD interest groups. These groups used the resources in local initiatives that complemented the province-wide strategies. Local groups worked on a range of activities including speeches, mocktail competitions, band barbecues, media etc.





As of Feb 1 2005, Sandy's Law requires licensed establisements to display - Warning Signs about Alcohol & Pregnancy
Evaluation Results of the May 2004 Campaign
Survey shows high levels of awareness about the risks of alcohol use in pregnancy
See the Planning Tips section for key resources



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