Health care provider information

Best Start Resource Centre will share comprehensive, evidence-based information and resources with Ontario health care providers who are members of the Ontario College of Family Physicians and the Ontario Association of Midwives and Nurse Practitioners that are members of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario as well as all Ontario-based obstetricians that are members of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada.

Health care providers will receive a package of materials that will include resources for their patients about PPMD, such as tear-off sheets and brochures. Health care providers will also receive resources that will assist them in screening, diagnosis, and treatment and referral for women with PPMD.

Ideas for Local Health Care Provider Initiatives

Consider providing local health care providers with new information about PPMD or setting up training for health care providers. You may want to send information to a wider variety of care providers, for example hospital nurses, social workers, case-workers, family home visitors, mental health counsellors and Ontario Early Years Centre staff.

If you are interested in printing additional quantities of the health care provider packages for health and social service providers in your community, contact Best Start Resource Centre.

For ideas on how to work with health care providers, see: Building Partnerships with Physicians.

Health Care Provider Resources

The Resource Centre is developing these resources with input from a variety of health care providers. We will make them available for viewing on the web-site as soon as they are ready.

Using the Resources in Your Community

Individuals in each community are often not aware of all the resources offered in their locale. To assist health and social service providers in knowing where women and their families can get help, we encourage you to map the resources such as support groups, crisis lines, metal health services, respite services, physicians and therapist that exist in your community. The Best Start Resource Centre will supply you with a template to map these services.



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