Evaluation results

Evaluation components included both qualitative and quantitative aspects. To find out more about some of the positive results:

Pre and Post Phone Survey
Media Report
Local Activities

Pre and Post Phone Survey

Best Start contracted Leger Marketing to complete a pre and post campaign survey of individuals between the ages of 24-45 living in Ontario. The pre and post campaign surveys each involved over 315 respondents. The margin of error was +/- 5.5%, 19 times out of 20 for the pre survey and +/- 4.9%, 19 times out of 20 for the post surve.

Survey results that

Overall, knowledge about the relationship between health before pregnancy and the health of the baby is strong. In both the pre and post surveys, essentially all Ontarians agreed or strongly agreed with the statements that a man's and a woman's physical health and family history can affect the health of the baby.
The number of respondents who stated that women should make sure they are healthy/visit their doctor increased from 23% in the pre-campaign survey to 30% in the post-campaign survey.
There were also significant changes in the primary considerations for men before pregnancy. Pre-survey results for men revolved around providing for their family and financial stability. Between the pre- and post-campaign surveys, the number of respondents identified saving money decreased from 31% to 24%. There was also a decrease in those who identified men should be financially stable (13% - 8%).
The other interesting finding was that the number of Ontarians who stated that men should do nothing before pregnancy decreased by half from 10% to 5%.
Over 50% of respondents recalled seeing or hearing information about health before pregnancy during the campaign period. Prominent messages recalled included eat well (37%) stop smoking (28%) and stop alcohol use (20%).

Media Report

Using a media monitoring system, the media reach for the campaign was significant. In addition to the over 4,000,000 reached via transit and cinema advertising, the following picked up the campaign:

Television - 685,000
Radio - 525,000
Print - 1,775,936
Web (other websites) - 668,304

Community Activities

Community groups across the province planned a wide range of interesting activities tailored to community needs. An evaluation of groups who ordered campaign resources showed that they were pleased with the:

Campaign resources
Timing of the campaign
Information on the websites
Focus of the campaign strategies



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