Media strategies

The March 2005 provicnical campaign focused on two main areas:

Provincial mass media strategies
Supporting local activities

Provincial Mass Media Strategies

Best Start arranged for transit ads (bus and GO train), and movie theatre advertising in many communities across Ontario. Best Start also developed specific resources for the Ontario media.

Movie Theatre Advertising
A still slide based on the health before pregnancy poster was projected on 345 Cineplex Odeon and Galaxy screens in 38 theatres and on 266 Famous Players screens in 22 theatres across Ontario. The slide appeared once every 10 minutes for a 10 second period, prior to the feature presentation during the month of March 2005.

Transit Advertising
Transit advertising for the Health Before Pregnancy campaign was purchased for a 4-week period in March 2005. The advertisement was displayed on ½ of the fleet in 30 municipalities across Ontario.

Other Media
Best Start prepared a series of resources for the media. Camera ready articles, TV and radio clips were available to Ontario media. In addition, communities were able to access press releases, fact sheets and FAQ's.

Supporting Local Activities

Communities across Ontario were involved in the campaign. Best Start provided posters and brochures to interested organizations. These groups used the resources in local initiatives that complemented the province-wide strategies.




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