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Healthy Baby Healthy Brain.The focus of this provincial awareness campaign was to make parents aware of practical ways to support their young child’s brain development, the foundation to healthy child development. This campaign was launched in October 2012. It was designed to reach parents of children 0-3 and parents expecting a child.

Have a ball together! This provincial awareness campaign was launched in October 2009. It focused on parents and caregivers of children 2-5 years old.

Life with a new baby our provincial awareness campaign on postpartum mood disorders, was launched in March 2007. Visit these pages to find out more about the campaign and our strategies.

Alcohol Free Pregnancy was a provincial awareness campaign launched in May 2004. This campaign was Ontario's first province-wide campaign about alcohol and pregnancy. The campaign included media strategies plus outreach to health care providers and licensed establishments. In addition, was launched to provide general information about the effects of alcohol on a pregnancy, offer resources and referrals for further information and help.

Health Before Pregnancy, our second provincial awareness campaign, was launched in March 2005. This campaign stressed that reproductive health begins long before a baby is conceived and reminded couples that the health of a baby depends on the health of both the mother and father prior to pregnancy. Media strategies were complemented by local activities. The website, provides interactive information for couples considering parenthood including a downloadable workbook.









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