Pre and Post surveys


The pre and post campaign surveys reached over 300 Ontario parents of children aged 2 to 5. Survey highlights include:

  • There were significant changes between the pre and post campaign results:
    • After the campaign, 55% of parents disagreed that children between 2 to 5 are naturally active and do not need to be encouraged to actively play (compared to 39% in the pre survey)
    • After the campaign 94% of parents agreed that young children need their parents or caregivers to provide opportunities for active play (compared to 88% in the pre survey)
  • In December 2009, the post campaign survey showed that:
    • Only 27% of parents are active with their children every day
    • The most commonly mentioned barriers to being active with their children included time, work and weather
    • 76% of parents wanted more ideas about how to be active with their children
    • Parents understood that their children mimic their physical activity (90%), and that the habits they learn will last a lifetime (86%)
    • 80% of parents plan to increase the amount of time that they are active with their children
    • 63% of parents feel they are a good role model for their children in terms of physical activity
    • 72% of parents think TV should be limited to less than 2 hours a day for young children
    • 55% of parents think their children watch too much TV/computer
    • 60% plan to reduce the amount of time that their children spend on TV/computer



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