B21-E - Breastfeeding Peer Support - Toolkit

B21-E - Breastfeeding Peer Support - Toolkit

Best Start Resource Centre 2016

The Breastfeeding Peer Support Training Toolkit will provide you with all you need to prepare peer support volunteers to begin supporting other mothers. In the toolkit you will find:
1. Introduction for the facilitator with information about recruiting and training potential peer support volunteers.
2. Six modules with facilitator notes. Each 2.5-hour module contains several activities.
3. PowerPoint presentations for each of the six modules.
4. Peer Resource Guide with suggestions about additional handouts, information about your program, and information about local programs and resources, etc.
5. Training Summary Charts for each module which provide an outline of the content, timing, and materials needed for each module, including a pre-training meet-and-greet.

To support you as you plan the training and educate breastfeeding peer support volunteers, develop and sustain an ongoing program, we invite you to join a closed Breastfeeding Peer Support Facilitators social media site. Please contact us at h.dawson@healthnexus.ca.

Available in print only.