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E39-E - Pimotisiwin - A Good Path for Pregnant and Parenting Aboriginal Teens - Report

Best Start Resource Centre, 2013

This report will help service providers in supporting Aboriginal teens who are pregnant and parenting, as well as their children. To provide continuity, the resource also includes brief information about preventing teen pregnancies. The information will assist in strengthening programs and services in a culturally appropriate manner.

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E27-E - Subsequent Teen Pregnancies - Exploring the Issues, Impact and Effectiveness of Preventive Strategies - Report

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Best Start Resource Centre, 2009

This report reviews and discusses research on the factors associated with subsequent teen pregnancies, including statistical trends, economic and medical consequences, and effectiveness of prevention practices.

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E25-E - Teen Pregnancy Prevention - Exploring Out-of-school Approaches - Report

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Best Start Resource Centre in collaboration with the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada, 2008

This report includes a review of historical perspectives on teen pregnancy, explores assumptions that are made about teen pregnancy, the links to poverty and inequity, theoretical approaches, and provides examples of out-of-school teen pregnancy prevention initiatives.

Available in print and PDF.

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